Simple guide on - How to Pay?

A) Buyer pays for the product purchased

After buyer has clicked "checkout", a notification email will be sent to the vendor of this item. (Buyer does not need to pay yet at this stage). Buyer shall wait for the confirmation from vendors/sellers of your order plan, as they may take some time to check stock availability, sizes, colors and etc... then reply to you. You may expect to receive a notification email from vendor/seller on the order confirmation, bank details of

Default payment method is to proceed the payment transfer / bank into bank account. After buyer has proceeded with the payment arrangement, you may want to inform to the relevant vendor of your payment made information. The best is to scan and email to us or upload your bank payment slip into the system for the payment made proof, and vendor will arrange courier shipment accordingly.

B) Vendor pays for the Vendor Account Annual Fee / Add-On Product Advertisement Fee

Vendor pays to JJNewStreet Network (PG0314288-K). Bank details will be informed to successful vendor applicants. Default payment method is to proceed the payment transfer / bank in to our company JJNewStreet Network bank account.