What JJNewStreet.com offers?

JJNestreet.com is an online buy-sell platform, offered by company : JJNewStreet Network (PG0314288-K)

** for vendors/sellers to post & sell your products online

** for buyers/shoppers to shop & purchase products at a convenient way

Dear Potential Vendors/Sellers

No matter if you are newbies whom planning to sell online, or already an online seller for many years or already in business with physical shops, you are all welcome to become part of JJNewStreet's vendors. JJNewStreet provides you the selling platform. JJNewstreet welcomes vendors/sellers to post your want-to-sell products at our website. Click "Apply for a vendor account" today. You are a few clicks away on the application, and it will takes 1~2 working days to evaluate your profile for the approval to take place.

We welcome sincere vendors/sellers to join JJNewStreet.

Dear Potential Shoppers/Buyers

No matter if you are visitors whom in the middle of having a relax PC window shopping for interesting or value buy items, or carrying out some market price comparisons, or in urgent needs to find some correct or hard-to-find items via website, JJNewStreet.com is definately one of the best choices for you.

With intake of multi vendors/sellers whom specializing at their own fields and master products, you can be ensured products at JJNewstreet are always displaying products with reasonable pricing, wide range of product selection and most up-to-date products in the market. Not forgetting to mention about Hard-to-find items are available here!!

With internal approval system on selecting/filtering new sellers/vendors while vendor registering. JJNewstreet admin will review and evaluate the history of the applicant, and will only approve once meeting JJNewstreet vendor requirement. Besides, monitoring on vendors performance along the individual buy-sell process will also be a part of the job of JJNewStreet admin staff. Thanks to the good features of JJNewStreet.com efficient review & rating system, all buyers voice can be easily heard, thus to identify easily of the best or weak products and vendors. Our objective is to ensure JJNewStreet is the best, safest, most convenient places for shoppers/buyers to hang out - LIKE by all of you.

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